Behavioral        Mechanism

Increase user motivation and loyalty with points, badges and rewards!
Behavioral mechanism of ActAPI gives you the chance to
specify and reward the valuable behaviors both for your
service and for the users.

The first step of the integration is to designate valuable
user behaviors in accordance with your goals.

These behaviors can be simple ones such as comments,
likes and shares that can be specified via control
panel; or can be a bit more tricky ones like uploading
of a video or completing user profiles.

With the help of the configurable control panel of ActAPI,
you can promote certain behaviors in certain time spans
and encourage valuable actions whenever you choose.
You can reach out for a more interactive,
dynamic and visually attractive service
with with our behavioral mechanism.
You can create an interaction between users with the
help of gamification tools like leader boards; notifications,
activity feeds and have the opportunity to guide this
interactivity in accordance with the goals of your service.

The easy integration of the mechanism, the dynamic
visual appeal provided by gamification tools, the
professional consultancy services of ActAPI and the
detailed control and reporting tools turn your service
into a brand new user experience.
Discover the next generation
productivity solutions by ActAPI.
Learn more about our
comprehensive consultancy services.
Turn your service into an interactive and social
channel with ActAPI Application Programming Interface (API).
Small code lines, big changes!
API makes it easy for you to specify valuable behaviors,
control game design and monitor all activity via reporting
tool. You can also easily display the leader boards and
statistical details about badges and trophies.

Integrate API to your service in just a few steps and
after that you are all set to access these comprehensive
features. Our professional software team works with you
throughout the whole process to reveal the true potential
of ActAPI’s professional solutions on your service.
Reach out for a more interactive and dynamic structure
with specifically designed gamification tools!
Gamification tools smoothly blend
into your service with their highly
configurable structures and
customizable features.
Tools help you increase the interaction between users,
in-platform dynamics and user loyalty whenever, wherever
and however you want it; because you have the complete
control over the game.
Interactive Gamification

Leader boards

Leader boards make it possible for you to arrange
players according to their points, trophies and spent
times in specified levels.
Leader boards come with comprehensive customization
and management options, which give you the ability
to show or hide the achieved badges and make
groupings for any number of users.
You can create a fun competition
motivation and increase the interaction
between users.


Notifications tool provides information about gained
points, achieved badges and trophies for users and
also inform them about badges-to-be-achieved, necessary
amount of points to level up and missions to complete.

You can easily decide where to locate the notification
tool via our comprehensive control panel. According to
your preferences about visual appeal, you can choose a
little window to appear on the corners or put a bar-shaped
one at the header or the footer of the page.
Notifications keep your
users posted about
their behaviors on site and
create a constant motivation.

Activity Feed

Activity feed displays real-time user actions with
achieved badges and trophies.

This way an interaction between users is ensured and
the real-time data creates a fun gaming experience.
Activity feed is designed
in a very configurable structure.
You can configure the number of activities and
interaction options however you like it. Such as
clickable items on activity feed.

Badges     Missions

Badges and missions tool works as a showcase for
users where they display their achieved badges and
completed missions.

The tool also displays badges and missions that
are close to completion to create motivation for
the valuable behaviors.
Your service becomes a social,
interactive and dynamic playground
with ActAPI gamification tools.
See what will change in your service
with interactive gamification tools.
Have a look at the examples  and see for yourself. 
Starting from the minute you decide to use the great
potential of gamification,
ActAPI works with you
the whole time.
Innovative behavioral mechanism, easy integration and
comprehensive management tools enriches your
service with a social and interactive user experience.

We designate the valuable user behaviors with you;
place them right into the center of the specifically
designed behavioral mechanism and give you
the complete control over it.

We work with you shoulder to shoulder with all your
needs about behavioral mechanism changes,
new ideas and whenever you need.

Game Design

ActAPI designates valuable behaviors both for you and
for the users, then builds a game around them.

You have complete control over the game with detailed
reporting and statistical data that is provided by the
comprehensive management tool collection on of ActAPI.
In adition to the game itself; all of
the badges, trophies, points and levels are
too specifically designed for your service.

Visual Design

Customization aspect of game design elements
bears great importance to us; this way both
the perfect harmony with the general visual
appeal of your site and aesthetical high standards
of ActAPI are achieved.

Visual appeal of game design is completely up to you.
You can change the size of gamification tools,
their color palettes and their location via
control panel easily and swiftly.
A perfect visual harmony and high
aesthetical standards are easy to
achieve with customization options.
A comprehensive consultancy with
technical perfection and flawless aesthetics.. 
Browse through the examples and witness the change. 
ActAPI provides you with a comprehensive reporting
system that gives you clean insights on behavioral mechanism.

With the help of these insights, you can display
user behaviors, tendencies and spent times on your service
and encourage designated user behaviors to achieve specified
goals in shorter time spans.
ActAPI’s reporting service differs
greatly from traditional
analytics services with its
innovative and comprehensive structure.
The comprehensive reporting service gives you
the ability to display user-based and time-based
reports and each one also can be detailed separately.


You can display detailed data about achieved badges,
repetitive user behaviors, user levels and trophies.

With this option you can;
  • List users based on a specified trophy.
  • Look into these trophies in detail.
  • Display user count for each level.


You can display activity details for a specified time
range or since the day you integrate gamification.

Thus you can:
  • Display new and total user counts.
  • Reconfigure valuable behaviors in accordance
    with increasing and decreasing user counts.
  • Be able to display amount of time that is spent and in
    which levels, and reconfigure game mechanics again .
  • See which behaviors are repeated by users and
    for how long.
You have the complete control with our
innovative and comprehensive reporting service.
Have the game in your hands; take full advantage of our
comprehensive consultancy  services.
You have read anything and everything in ActAPI.
And rightfully deserved the
“Behaviour Mechanist” badge!