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ActAPI creates social and dynamic Internet services with a high rate of interaction.
Social media integration, notifications, profile creation, levels and badges: These are among the important behavioral elements that transform your service into a dynamic, interactive and visually rich “game”.
Some examples of what the ActAPI Behavior Mechanics platform can do.
The ActAPI Behavior Mechanics platform powers the mobile application for the youth segment of Turkcell. Turkish largest mobile telecom operator with 35 million subscribers.

Turkcell has selected our platform to power all internal and external gamification and motivation concept, ranging from customer loyalty products to education applications.

The ActAPI Behavior Mechanics platform can also be use to track and rewards sbehaviors as part of a personal health program.
ActAPI completed the very first gamification integration in Turkey!
With the experience and full-support of Tart New Media, ActAPI gamified the world’s first social bet service Tuttur.com. Visit Tuttur.com now and experience the change and the strong potential of behavioral mechanism first hand.

Browse through the examples below and see the changes that will affect your service.

A Social E-commerce Experience

ActAPI connects e-commerce platforms seamlessly with social media and adds a specifically designed behavioral mechanism to the whole picture to create a social angle for valuable user behaviors.

An Interactive Gaming Experience

The services that are gamified with specifically designed behavioral mechanics reach for a brand new interactivity. Points and badges encourage behaviors such as buying and / or adding a product to the basket, and catching special deals; thus giving you more fun and a shorter way to achieve service-wide goals.

A Little Bit More Than Just “Social”

Jump one move ahead of social media experience with specifically designed comment feature: Ensure a more fun and productive service-wide interaction between users by encouraging idea exchanges, product reviews and comment voting.

A Personal Stand

User profiles are one of the most important elements in behavioral mechanism and they give your users the ability to display their areas of interests, comments and social circles as well as badges, points and photos. Give your users a personal space to really “exist” and the chance to be themselves.

Interaction and Dynamism Combined

Notification tool gives the users the feel of “a flowing reality” throughout your service with its constantly updated content and completely configurable features. It also notifies the users about their actions, motivate them with level and badge information and display their achieved trophies to make the whole experience more fun.
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