Discover Behaviour Mechanics

Gamification is a globally appreciated digital productivity
solution that has been proved itself advantageous
over the last few years. It has become widely used by many
global companies and organizations all around the world.

Gamification can be defined as the integration of
game mechanics and game design into anything that
has not ever been considered as a “playground”. ActAPI
combines gamification and social structure to create
a unique experience and calls it behaviour mechanics.
The implementation of behaviour mechanics
is limited only by your imagination.
Repetitive tasks, long processes and tasks that
require long steps: ActAPI can make these more fun for you,
your employees and your customers as well.

comes into play right at this point. We analyze your
to-be-gamified service to designate “valuable user behaviors”
that relate to your service, and then design and implement
behaviour mechanics based on them.

Thus all the processes that take place in an online environment,
turn into games with our solutions. These processes can be
about deciding which headphones to buy from an e-commerce
platform or writing the details of an invoice.

makes it possible to guide these valuable user
behaviors in accordance with your goals and make it fun
for everybody!
Entertainment, motivation, concentration.
These are of great value to ActAPI, because they make us
natural born gamers and the world a huge playground.

We believe that each and every behavior that we want to
say “I did it!” deserves to be more fun.
So what do we mean by saying "making more
fun out of our lives and jobs"?
Discover ActAPI’s professional
solutions and examples.
ActAPI integrates behaviour mechanics into professional processes as tools of motivation and loyalty.
In this way, we transform users into gamers and we place points, levels and badges right in the middle of professional life.

Thus obligatory behaviors become processes full of
motivation, enthusiasm and intelligence.

Witness the transformation.
Discover ActAPI’s professional
solutions and examples.
What does
ActAPI do?


re-define the interaction.
ActAPI analyzes the e-commerce platform to define
“valuable user behaviors” from the perspective of all
the parties that are using it.

Then places these behaviors to a game design that
is specifically and fittingly developed for each platform.
These platform specific designs and gamified services create a
social and interactive game experience throughout the site.
Via the defined valuable behaviors such as answering
a question by the buyer, sending a purchased item as soon
as possible and rating the seller; the users automatically
start to gain points, badges and eventually levels;
thus they become a crucial part of the whole
behaviour mechanism experience.
The behavioral design makes it possible
for user to become a part of an
innovative experience and the
loyalty is gained in a very short
time, for a very long time.
With ActAPI design, the valuable behaviors
happen in shorter time spans, in a more social
way and, of course, with a fun twist.

In the meantime, thanks to configurable analytics service
of ActAPI, all these valuable behaviors, all the time
spent on the target platform and the user loyalty figures
become an easily manageable and observable visual data.
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inspire your employees.
The professional behavioral mechanism solutions of ActAPI can
easily be integrated into softwares that are frequently
used in corporate world. Comprehensive control panels and
detailed reporting tools can help you enhance productivity
and create a fun office environment for your employees.

Discover ActAPI solutions for corporate world:
Decide which process you would like to gamify, and contact us.
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ActAPI transforms your job into a game and you;
a gamer.

The integration of gamification tools is incredibly
easy and the platforms-to-be-gamified are limited
only by your imagination.
On that sense, ActAPI appeals to
companies, employees and customers
all at the same time..
Be it a veteran user, an accountant, a system administrator
or a project manager; the professional the professional
behavioral mechanism solutions of, that are continuously
and specifically designed for each industry and service,
social and fun.
For whom does
ActAPI work for?


a more social and fun approach
ActAPI creates a more social and interactive shopping experience
with its behavioral mechanics specifically designed
for e-commerce platforms.

This way, online shopping becomes much more than it normally is,
it becomes a whole new experience for all parties involved. 
With innovative behavioral mechanism
elements, online shopping becomes
a whole new experience.
Badges, points, trophies and levels; all these are
effective and functional motivation tools of a behavioral
design and are used to encourage valuable behaviors
such as comments, comparisons, scoring and buying.
The specifically designed game mechanics for e-commerce
platforms increase the user loyalty and the time spent
on the site within a very short time, for a long time.

In the meantime, with the help of highly configurable
analytics service of ActAPI, all these valuable behaviors
and the user loyalty figures become easily manageable and observable.
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End Users

experience a brand new way of interaction.
More social, more interactive and more fun.
These three notions have a great importance on raising the user
loyalty, the time spent on site and valuable user behaviors.

The innovative gamification solutions of ActAPI helps you step out
from the crowd.

Gamification tools like badges, points and trophies motivate
valuable behaviors such as comments, social shares and in-site interactivity.

Thus a brand new way of interaction between the user and your
service, emerges from this extraordinary relation, and the services
you provide become a part of user’s real-life experiences.
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Corporate Employees

“play” your job.
The innovative solutions of ActAPI
enable you to “play” your job and make your business
life more fun than ever before.

Step into the world of innovative productivity with
cleverly designed behavioral mechanics! Gamify the daily
office works and provide your employees with satisfactory
and long-term motivation with a combination of
productivity and entertainment.
Witness the transformation.
Discover ActAPI’s professional
solutions and examples.
We believe that each and every behavior that
makes us want to say “I did it!” deserves
to be more fun.
So how does the game design and
behavioral mechanism make user
behaviors more fun than ever? 
The first step on the road to behavioral mechanism comes
from you; we tell you how it works and what could
possibly be achieved with it, then you decide and contact us.
Experience next generation user
experience first hand.
Discover ActAPI’s professional
solutions and examples.
How does
ActAPI work?
ActAPI starts to analyze the system right away.

Both the designation of valuable behaviors
for the system and user loyalty booster actions
are specified and placed into a game design.
In this step, the behavioral mechanics, with
all the constructional and interactive mechanisms,
are completed and integrated into your service via
ActAPI Application Programming Interface (API).

Now your service becomes completely compatible
with ActAPI behavioral tools.
Then we integrate the gamification tools
such as leaderboard; notifications and
activity feeds that enhance your service’s visual
appeal with a dynamic and interactive style.

With their highly configurable structures
and completely re-designable visuals, ActAPI
gamification tools smoothly fit into your service.
Once the integration is complete, it is
time for the monitoring and managing of the
behavioral system.

You may wish to change the behavioral mechanics;
hold short or long-term competitions, guide
the user behaviors or view the advantages of
the newly built system throughout your service.

The control panel of ActAPI comes in handy in
these situations. You can create user- based and / or
time-based reports and control the overall system via
our detailed and easy-to-use control panel.
Experience next generation
user experience first hand.
Discover ActAPI’s professional
solutions and examples.
Congratulations! The integration of the fully
featured behavioral mechanism is already done
in just 5 steps!

Now you have a more interactive, more social,
fully configurable, easily manageable and most
important of all; a more fun service.

Yet keep that in mind;
the game has just begun!
You have read anything and everything in ActAPI.
And rightfully deserved the
“Behaviour Mechanist” badge!